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The SelfieSign website provides users with comprehensive and clear product information, including how e-signatures with selfie-video records can enhance their signing workflow efficiency and security.


1 year

My Role

UI/UX Designer
Project Manager
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UX Research


ThinkCloud company

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Project Overview

I. Background

I worked on the project with a content writer for one year, serving as the marketing strategist, project manager, and UI/UX designer. In this role, I was responsible for project planning, research, website design, and marketing campaigns.

II. Goal

Increase website traffic and engage our target audience via website.

III. Outcome

After launching the website in January 2021, I conducted a comprehensive marketing campaign utilizing various methods such as advertising, events, social media, and newsletters to increase website traffic. The campaign yielded significant growth in the site's metrics, and here are the year-over-year comparisons for 2020 and 2021.

Trending Up Icon

Reach the traffic growth rate by 200%↑

User Plus Icon

Achieve SaaS user growth rate of 100%↑

IV. Problem Statement

We require a platform that effectively showcases our product and presents solutions to our target audience on how to seamlessly integrate e-signatures into their workflow while addressing their concerns about e-signatures.

V. Solution

Not only have I developed plans to increase website traffic and engage our target audience in anticipation of potential growth, but I am also committed to implementing them.


To gain a better understanding of the e-signature market and target audience, I conducted an analysis of various e-signature products, both domestically and internationally. After reviewing the research, I found that despite the focus of e-signature products on different countries, the solutions offered for industries and departments appear to be similar.

E-signature Market Research

The bar charts showed which industries or departments were their target audiences and helped us determine which target audience we could focus on.

SelfieSign E-Signature Marketing Research - The target audience of industries and departments

Competitive Audit

I. Solution page

As we aim to expand our business into other industries, I believe that DocuSign is a better reference for us to redesign our solution page.

SelfieSign Competitive Audit - We would like to expand our business to other industries so DocuSign is a better reference for us to redesign the solution page

II. Support page

I incorporated the best features of DocuSign and DottedSign into our support page design, categorizing common scenarios based on user flow and including relevant FAQs to help users find answers quickly.

SelfieSign Competitive Audit -  Several situations as the categories and added questions that users might have from the user flow for Support page design

III. Pricing page

By analyzing these line graphs, I can gain insights into the target user segments and pricing strategy of the product marketing, including discounts offered for monthly and annual pricing packages, as well as the target customer segments that competitors are focusing on for product pricing.

SelfieSign Competitive Audit -  Monthly/Annual pricing package

Product Testing

To gain insights into our product positioning, understand their product's functionality, and identify UI/UX issues in our product, I conducted product testing. The findings from these tests were then provided to our developers, allowing them to iterate and make improvements on the product.

SelfieSign Product Testing - DottedSign, HelloSign, DocuSign


Based on the results of the competitive audit, I created a sitemap that includes web pages to improve user understanding and credibility of our product. The sitemap also helps team members to have a clear understanding of the site structure.

SelfieSign Sitemap


The design of the SelfieSign website incorporates our brand color palette to maintain consistency in our brand identity. I have also focused on improving legibility by presenting information in a clear, concise, and well-structured manner for the benefit of our users. Additionally, I have implemented strategies to acquire new customers.

I. Homepage

SelfieSign Mockup - HomepageHerospace on the homepageProduct introduction for userProduct outcomes and customers on homepageTarget audiences for different industries and departments

II. Solution page

I designed a solution page template to ensure consistency in design and improve workflow efficiency.

SelfieSign Mockup - Solution pageProduct feature in solution pageProduct instruction in solution pageSection in product page t engage new customersProvide benefits and use cases for user in solution page

Corporate Identity System

The original brand color palette was lacking an accent color that could provide contrast with the primary colors used on the website. Additionally, the primary brand color (purple) was excessively dark. As a result, I formulated a new color palette that harmonizes with the brand identity.

SelfieSign Corporate Identity System - Brand Color & Typography


Designing a company website requires careful consideration of both visual design and information architecture to ensure that users can quickly find the information they need. Effective communication with stakeholders and team members is crucial to incorporate their business plans and feedback during the design process. To provide helpful content for users, I collaborated with a content writer to create FAQs and blog posts, and also conducted marketing campaigns to increase website traffic, improve search engine optimization, and generate more leads for the sales team.

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