Hi I am Lulu Chen, a Product Designer who focus on creating user-friendly product designs.
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Hi, I'm Lulu. Nice to meet you!

I completed my bachelor's degree in Digital Media Design, but started my career in marketing. With over 6 years of experience in B2B and B2C marketing, I excel at problem-solving by defining issues and implementing effective plans using my skills in marketing and product strategies.

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From Marketing to Design

Based on my previous work experience, I designed a product website from setting project goals and plans, conducting research, completing mockups, to collecting user feedback after launch. Through this process, I discovered my passion for creating products from 0 to 1, and gradually iterating to make them better. As a result, I decided to further delve into the field of product design.

To further deepen my knowledge and skills, I have attended various UI/UX design courses, lectures, and workshops. It has not only expanded my network but also provided me with opportunities to learn and share experiences with fellow designers.

Ready to Start New Career

As a budding Product Designer, I am passionate about creating intuitive product designs that meet user needs and align with business goals. I am thrilled to collaborate with teammates and overcome challenges together.

Let's talk together :)

Please feel free to share your product design knowledge, work experience, or any opportunities with me. I would be happy to discuss them further.

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