Product image for Lambda, an app for user to match a pet through psychometric test.
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Lambda is a platform that matches users with pets using a psychometric test. The system analyzes user data and provides personalized recommendations for suitable pets.


2 weeks

My Role

UX Designer
Project Manager


Competitive Audit
User Interview
Usability Test


The Unicorn Designer Contest held by Unblock

- Project Overview- Wireframe- Product Iteration- Prototype- Takeaway

Project Overview

I. Background

Lambda is a project that was completed by six members within two weeks for the Designer Contest held by Unblock. In this project, I worked as both a UX Designer and Project Manager, with a focus on the UX research and project schedule.

II. Goal

Improve adoption rates and optimize the adoption process at public animal shelters.

III Problem Statement

Based on the results of research studies, there are three problems that public animal shelters are facing.

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Limited spacing

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Labor shortages

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Adoption education

IV. Solution


Together with the UX Researcher, we conducted multiple research studies to gain a better understanding of the adoption process at public animal shelters and the needs of potential adopters. Following this, the UX Researcher developed a persona and user journey map to gain deeper insights into our users.

Competitive Audit

I observed that our direct competitors primarily focus on promoting pet adoption, while our indirect competitors concentrate on areas such as pet education, lost pet services, and providing data on public animal shelters.

Lambda Competitive Audit - To know the difference between direct and indirect competitors


The UX researcher and I collaborated on creating a questionnaire to gather valuable insights into the factors users consider when adopting a pet. Below, I have organized the data collected from the participants.

Lambda Questionnaire Research - To know what kinds of information are important for user to adopt a pet

User Interview

The UX researcher and I collaborated on developing an interview guide. Then we conducted the interviews in the role of the interviewer.


The UX Researcher created a Persona based on the results of the User Interview. Amber wants to adopt a dog but faced some challenges during the adoption process.

Lambda Persona - Amber wants to adopt a dog but have some challenges in adoption process

User Journey Map

The UX researcher created a User Journey Map consisting of three stages: Before Adoption, During Adoption, and After Adoption. This map was designed to gain a deeper understanding of the user's journey throughout the adoption process and to develop solutions that enhance the overall user experience.

User Journey Map for Lambda to know what are the user pain points during the adoption process


The front-end developer designed an interface that presents the essential information users are interested in, drawing inspiration from dating apps and the questionnaire results. Furthermore, machine learning techniques can be employed to improve the accuracy of matching by analyzing labels associated with personality, appearance, and health history.

Lambda Wireframe - Homepage

Product Iteration

I collaborated with a UX researcher to conduct a usability test aimed at enhancing our product. Additionally, I developed two prototypes for participants to evaluate and provide feedback on.

Usability Test

I. Homepage

Lambda Mockup - Homepage

II. Psychometric test

Lambda Mockup - Psychometric test


Psychometric test

Lambda Prototype - Psychometric test

Choose a stray dog

Lambda Prototype - Choose a stray dog


It was a challenging task for us to complete an MVP in two weeks, but we were able to finish the product design processes in UX research and UI design. Here is some feedback we received from the judges:

I am glad to have collaborated with my teammates during the contest. We learned a lot about how to work effectively, prioritize our tasks, and present our design process clearly to the judges. Thanks to everyone's effort!

After reviewing our project details, here are some additional thoughts:

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